What will you do to achieve your 2013 Fitness Goals

The newness of 2013 has worn off, the promises, the resolutions, the plans.  What have you done?  Did you write down to drop 20 lbs or to enter into that half-marathon?  Have you written things down and not followed through?

The fact is that you can make sure to get on track with your goals, but you have to get going NOW!  When it comes to locking into goals and promises, you must have a plan.  Plans are like instructions when you assemble something.  Do you grab the kit to a 750 piece model plane and just try to figure it out piece by piece?  OK, I know some have answered yes….however a well executed plan is the best way to go.

1. Devise a plan.  A start date and the day that you want to accomplish your goal.  How much time did you give yourself?  Ten months, eight months? 

2. Keep a log or journal of training or your dietary intake.  Be honest with yourself, and be specific on the details.  Some of my favorite things I hear is “I had a some almonds”.  What “some” how much is that, 1/2 cup, four or five?  Please weigh or measure it out.  It makes things much easier in the long run.

3.  The long term goal can be achieved by conquering short term goals.  Reward yourself by reaching mile markers or making deadlines.  For example, you lost 15 lbs and are right on target.  Realize that you have made great strides and now take some time to step back, go to a movie, realax a bit and then re-gain that focus.

These few simple steps can help you to stay on track and focus towards your goals for 2013.  Keep working and good things will happen!