Athletics has always played a very significant role in my life.  Growing up in a small suburb north of Chicago was always a great place to get involved with many sports.  Early on I was involved with soccer, baseball and football.  When it came time for High School, I began to shift towards football and track.  The rigors of the football season and the off season weight lifting.  Spring would be the time to work on speed and quickness, and the track was the best place to improve those much desired skills.

  The coaches and teachers prepared me for the next step, that was college football.  I was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship and play four years at the college level.  Once again new challenges of in season practices and games coupled with off season winter conditioning drills.  The four years went quickly and the work ethic was there to stay.

Upon completion of college I remained very active with weight training and began to change my nutrition working to build muscle.  I would work with old college summer workout programs and add exercises, change sets and reps to look for the best way to build onto my frame.

In 2007 after watching a friend compete in bodybuilding, I really became interested in making it to the stage.  I read a lot, changed my diet and began a contest prep for my first show in December 2007.  It was a great experience and I placed third in the Light-Heavyweight Open and Novice classes, I also won the Men’s Masters (35-39).  I would continue in 2008 competing at the local level and in 2009 made it to my first National Level Bodybuilding contest.

The National Stage was a major accomplishment and something I had always had in the back of my mind.  This would continue in 2010 and in 2011 I tried something different entering the Men’s Physique division.  This new division was something I wanted to try and I qualified for National Level competition.  In 2012 I returned to my passion, Mens Bodybuilding and decided to really focus on making major improvements.  The year was highlighted by placing 1st at Team Universe in the Light-heavyweight class, and placing 5th in the Mens Masters class.

2013 begins a new set of challenges and a time to re-focus both mentally and physically.