Are you on track with your 2014 Fitness Goals?

2014 is well underway, and this also means that you are now three months into your Fitness Goals. Yes these can also be called New Year’s resolutions, and improvements for the new year. Are you on track? Have you kept up with your promise, that ultimate goal you had in mind?
To be honest it is very common to see a lot of people plan for these incredible lifestyle changes, only to go back to the bad habits that they started with. Let’s look into this and find out how or where the mistakes were made. Goals, wether they be fitness, scholastic or financial all have to have a detailed plan. The first thing about setting a goal is that it must have a date when the goal is to be achieved. Let’s take an example of someone that wants to lose 40 lbs. The goal was made New Years Eve, like so many others, and the plan lasted only 1.5 months. Did the plan have a goal date? Did it have checkpoints along the way?
To achieve the total goal, weight loss of 40 lbs. There needs to ba a plan and structure. A workout plan written out that covers the first 6-8 weeks. There needs to be a detailed diet that parallels the exercise plan. There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY! Yes thats right, so daily weigh in’s, photos to update progress. The plan needs to change according the the changes in the body. This approach has a much higher success rate and keeps the person interested in the plan. After the 6-8 week mark, the diet and full workout should change, and allow for modifications.
If you are off track on your 2014 goal, it’s not too late! Yes the first quarter is gone, but there are three quarters left, enough time to get a plan into action and succeed! Don’t step away from a goal, rather take it head on and step into it!

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Look forward to helping you!



The Arnold Classic, a favorite of mine marking the start to the 2013 Season.  It was scheduled early this year, and a majority of the Expo Center set up was done on Thursday February 28th, in prep for the big crowds on March 1-3.  This year was the busiest on record, and I personally witnessed this while working the ON/ABB booth for the weekend.  The crowd was packed in and the line to the booth was well over an hour!  A big shout out and thank you to all those that waited patiently and made it through to get lots of samples, try our newest products and get an ON signature t-shirt.

Several highlights to the weekend included so many friends that stopped by the booth.  Those that waited in the long lines and finally getting a chance to talk.  It was great fun to chat with you and catch up on 2013 products and plans.  Another grand highlight was getting in the ON/ABB photo with Arnold himself.  I have been going to this Expo since 2008 and have made it into the picture two times.  Glad to be included and squeezed in this year!  Truly amazing to see that over 220,ooo attend the Expo and it really all got off the ground because of what Arnold has done.  The final big highlight was to attend the Finals in Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s Bikini and Strongman contest.  Seeing these athletes perform from 15 rows back is really a site to see.  The Men’s posing routines were phenomenal!  Such creativity and great detail to music and rhythm.

The flight home Sunday gave me some time to relax and take a deep breath.  Fantastic to meet so many fitness related people.  This industry is filled with so much energy and eagerness to learn.  The start to the 2013 season also means one thing……better get that diet into motion!  The time to start is now.




What will you do to achieve your 2013 Fitness Goals

The newness of 2013 has worn off, the promises, the resolutions, the plans.  What have you done?  Did you write down to drop 20 lbs or to enter into that half-marathon?  Have you written things down and not followed through?

The fact is that you can make sure to get on track with your goals, but you have to get going NOW!  When it comes to locking into goals and promises, you must have a plan.  Plans are like instructions when you assemble something.  Do you grab the kit to a 750 piece model plane and just try to figure it out piece by piece?  OK, I know some have answered yes….however a well executed plan is the best way to go.

1. Devise a plan.  A start date and the day that you want to accomplish your goal.  How much time did you give yourself?  Ten months, eight months? 

2. Keep a log or journal of training or your dietary intake.  Be honest with yourself, and be specific on the details.  Some of my favorite things I hear is “I had a some almonds”.  What “some” how much is that, 1/2 cup, four or five?  Please weigh or measure it out.  It makes things much easier in the long run.

3.  The long term goal can be achieved by conquering short term goals.  Reward yourself by reaching mile markers or making deadlines.  For example, you lost 15 lbs and are right on target.  Realize that you have made great strides and now take some time to step back, go to a movie, realax a bit and then re-gain that focus.

These few simple steps can help you to stay on track and focus towards your goals for 2013.  Keep working and good things will happen!